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An Early Christmas Present

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Okay, this is a post about a trip to work, but it was a trip in December! And yes I said Christmas, for those of you who are offended by this, get a life, and you will discover that you actually have things to really worry about!!

Back to the biking ... it was still dark and cool, about 47 degrees when I rolled the beast out of the garage. The air was moist, and the driveway still had some damp spots. After letting the 1800cc's warm a little, I headed out. I went west on Washington Street, as I went over Shadeland the air grew cooler. The traffic was heavy all the way into town. I turned right at Delaware, and headed north. As always, the further north I travel, the lighter the traffic gets. I turned at Tenth Street, heading west for a couple more blocks to Meridian Street. The north/south main street of Indianapolis would take me north for a four blocks to the station.

Even though it is a Thursday, I was headed home, as my parent's were busy …

Riding to Work - One Long, One Short

Monday, November 27, and Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Monday was a regular trip to the station. It was a little chili in the morning, but the sunny skies have a way a making it a little warmer. I cruised west on Washington Street to Delaware. After going north for a mile, I went two blocks west on 10th Street to go north on Meridian.

The way home was just as uneventful, I went south on Pennsylvania Street to New York Street. This would take me east until it turned into Pleasant Run Parkway. I took the parkway until Arlington, and took it north to 10th Street. I traveled east on 10th Street to my street and driveway.

Tuesday would be a longer trip, as this day's job was in Columbus, Indiana. I want to make sure I arrive on time, so I took Washington Street west to Shadeland Avenue. The cloverleaf exit is tight, and the floorboard scrapped the pavement nearly all the way through the corner that would point me south. Shadeland is divided, and fifty-five miles per hour, which is go…