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Bittersweet: Heading Back Home

Monday, April 23, 2007

It is always a mixed bag of emotions heading back home after a trip. Yeah, I am still riding, but I will be back home, and not on new roads.

I started out at 7am, the sun was out and had raised the temperature up in the low 60's already. I was heading back a lot of the way we came, but I was making a detour in Cincinnati. I had a friend that I had met on Pogo, bowling on line, and she lives in Florida, but was up staying with a friend in Cincy. Since I had no plans in the works to go to Florida, I thought I should seize the opportunity, and met her and her friend, who also bowls in the Pogo Game Room.

I hit a little bit of rain, and thought I might need to put the rain pants on, but it didn't last long, and was not heavy at all. The wind was whipping me around a little though!

I did miss one turn while getting to their house, but was able to find my way. He grilled out some great burgers, and we say around the table and talked until it was time for me…

Back Out for Another Run on Highway 555

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Couldn't resist another run on Highway 555. Take an easy day today, only rode 150 miles. It was way hot, and had to ditch the leather jacket.

If You Are Coming to GOE, Be Prepared to Turn!

Saturday, April 21st. 2007

This was going to be a busy day, and it would start out cold. I would be changing clothes, and gloves all day! It was in the upper forties as we packed up the bikes. The first run of the day would be The Ralph Barnard Memorial Poker Run. We would both run on this ride, but before we go, we need a little breakfast!!

There was a Bob Evans on the other side of the highway, it was just we had to figure out how to get over there!! We were in luck, as we made it straight to it, under the highway, and via the frontage roads. After fueling up, we were ready to go!

We started out at the host hotel in Mineral Wells, West Virginia. I wanted to mount the video camera, and try to capture the ride on video. We pulled out of the hotel, and the first leg would be north on I-77. It would be a short trip, and we would exit to SR 47, heading east.

I wasn't to worried about State Roads being in bad shape, but wasn't sure what we might run into on some of the other…

Yeah I Know It's Dinner Time, Let's Ride!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Here it is Friday Evening, the bike is packed, Nina is doing some gardening. I was hoping he might be early, but coming down from Lafayette, and taking a couple of the busiest highways in Central Indiana would not allow that to happen. He finally arrived after 6pm. After letting him have a little break out of the saddle, and petting Murphy, our Basset Hound, I was ready to get on the road. He had taken 465, the loop around town, as the direct route through town is under construction, with a reduced speed limit, and a reputation. Over 5000 tickets issued in the month!

He had said the traffic on I-70 was backed up, so we took surface streets out of town. A route I have taken a lot before. We headed north to Tenth Street, then went east to the edge of Cumberland, Indiana. North to 21st Street, and then East again to CR 600. This road has an entrance to I-70. Normally I wouldn't take the highway, but we have 300 miles to cover!!

It would be about 120 mile…