Bittersweet: Heading Back Home

Monday, April 23, 2007

It is always a mixed bag of emotions heading back home after a trip. Yeah, I am still riding, but I will be back home, and not on new roads.

I started out at 7am, the sun was out and had raised the temperature up in the low 60's already. I was heading back a lot of the way we came, but I was making a detour in Cincinnati. I had a friend that I had met on Pogo, bowling on line, and she lives in Florida, but was up staying with a friend in Cincy. Since I had no plans in the works to go to Florida, I thought I should seize the opportunity, and met her and her friend, who also bowls in the Pogo Game Room.

I hit a little bit of rain, and thought I might need to put the rain pants on, but it didn't last long, and was not heavy at all. The wind was whipping me around a little though!

I did miss one turn while getting to their house, but was able to find my way. He grilled out some great burgers, and we say around the table and talked until it was time for me to leave. I had to be back in Indy to work at 4pm.

The trip home was mostly on I-74, turning and burning on the highway. Had to make a stop for gas, and some water to wake me up! I made it home at a little past three.


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