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Give a Shift About Motorcycling

Originally Published in Southeastern Rider Motorcycle Magazine, May 2018

Thoughts on the Give a Shift Survey and Conversation.
I realize that there are a lot of you out there on two wheels that are just happy to ride your ride, eat up some scenic roads, and only care about the industry when you need a new ride. Why should we all be concerned about the industry we enjoy so much? More people doing the same interest that you enjoy usually means more choices, more supply, and often a less expensive experience. Here is another reason to be concerned now: motorcycle sales are down, at the same time there has never been a greater variety of options. From Harley Davidson jumping in with 500 and 750cc bikes, to Honda bringing the Africa Twin to the states, to higher tech electric and automatic bikes. From the experienced rider to the newbie, everyone should be able to find something to ride. Then there are traditional models receiving an array of technological upgrades, like Yamaha’s Star Ventu…