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Soup Run 2008, Day Two: Soup's On!

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

When I wake up on this Saturday Morning, I can almost smell the soup. But before I would be going anywhere, it was time to take part of the continental breakfast, and then give the bike a cleaning, rain makes it look nasty! While polishing, two men approached me. I found out they were riders, and from all places, Morgantown, Indiana!

I started west on SR-50, then headed up north on some back roads through farm country. This was one of the prettiest, and calming routes I have taken up to the soup run. Coming in from the north and Door County is hard to beat. The route still needs some improvement, but next year I will have it. I need to move more of the route to SR 181 and the Kettle Moraine Scenic Bi-Way.

Here is a shot of some Wisconsin Farmland

Here is a shot of the landscape just south of Dundee, WI

For the second year in a row, I showed up early enough to park in the driveway.

And by the way, Coyotes love the Soup Run, too!

I met a lot of first timers, and…

Soup Run 2008, Day One: Well I didn't need Sun Screen!

Friday, May 30th, 2008

Well, this is becoming a regular rite of passage for the seasons, a tradition even! The weekend after memorial day, after the big race, I hop on the bike and trek over 400 miles for a bowl of soup. Yes it is time for I an several other bikes to make out way, and invade Mr. Soup's Home for a few hours, and enjoy the fruits of his talents. Before I begin my trip, here is his official site: Mr.s Soup's Soup Run

As I said earlier, this is becoming a tradition with me, this is the fourth one in a row for me, it is the 8th overall event. This means, when I arrive, and let a drop of soup run down my chin, I will have enjoyed half of the events put on. Of course, I have to go next year, that would be my five year anniversary! Then I have to go the year after that, it will be the 10th Soup Run, I can't miss that! So I am "trapped" with this annual ride for at least two more years.

Out of the three previous trips, I have never taken the same rou…

This Squirrel is Nuts!

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

First, a little note: This is actually my 200th Post!! Wow, that means 200 or more rides since I started keeping this blog. I believe I started in April of 2006. So over a little more that 2 years, I have ridden somewhere between a quarter and a third of the time!

On to the ride, this one being led be Ron Wade. We would be meeting at a Tire Barn on the west side of town. I decided to get over there quick, and took I-70 through town, and then the Airport Expressway to 465 and to US 40. I stopped and fueled up, then headed over to where Mr. Wade was waiting.

Once the rest of the crew, Wild Bill, Jim Easyrider, and Dave Elmore showed up, we took off. Well, not exactly. Wild Bill was acting like a princess who needed the right helmet for the ball!

We took US 40 West until US 240, which took us into Greencastle, Indiana. I have taken this route before, en route to Covered Bridge Country. We took Greencastle Road out of town. It is a sometimes curvy, sometim…

Sometimes you just need the Miles

Saturday, May 24th, 2008

I don't know if it is spring, the Memorial Day Weekend, or just the way life works, but there times when you just need to get some miles in. When the sun is shining, and you have to go out to the garage, and see the chrome sparkling, it doesn't help. I have too much time the bike has to be parked, to leave it parked when I don't have too!

So come this Saturday Afternoon, I need to make a run to the bank, and I saw no problem with taking the scenic route home.

I started out heading east on Tenth Street until Post Road, going north until a back road into the shopping center that plays host to the bank. After the bank, I decide to head out for Fortville. I would take SR 67/SR 36/ Pendleton Pike, north and east all the way to Fortville, Indiana. There I would head south on Fortville Pike, a favorite road, but I usually head north, not south.

After winding through the country side, I arrived in Greenfield. I took US 40 East to SR 9 in the middle of to…

Gearing up for the Rally

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Today is it less than a month until Gathering of Eagles (GOE) XII hits town! The count is up to 82 fellow Cruiser Clubers coming to town.

Today the ride was to Nashville, Indiana, a tourist trap, shopping area, and small town outside of one of the most beautiful state parks in the midwest, Brown County State Park. "Easyrider" Jim and Carl were the two that would be joining me.

We met at the Clarian Waterfront Inn, the host hotel. We took a right out off of Waterfront Drive, and headed a block west to SR 134, or Girls School Road. Just need to keep the like of Sunshine Bob from Virginia from picking up a new honey while we pass. This led us to US 40, which we took further west to SR 267.

SR 267 took us south to Moorseville, and then to SR 144. This would take us east, over SR 67 and SR 37. In Bargersville, we would turn south on SR 135. This would lead us into Nashville. We stopped at a Gas Station that I often stop at.

There was an eatery right next …

They say It is not a matter of if, but a matter of when

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Well, before too long it would be June, and June means Gathering of Eagles (GOE), the National Rally for Cruiser Club, USA, to be held right here in good old Indianapolis! Which that means our chapter, and myself had to plan the whole, or still be in the process of planning.

Today we were doing our first pre-ride of the Ralph Barnard Memorial Poker Run, the main event of GOE. We were meeting at the host hotel, the Clarian Waterfront on Indy's Westside. Al was already there, and I noticed my father was lined up behind me already. I thought I have seen new member Micheal pass by, probably heading to fuel up before the start of the day's ride.

After chatting and waiting for others to show up, we ventured out on SR 136 to join Crawfordsville Road. We went south and east to Lynhurst, cruising through the town of Speedway. Eventually, we arrived at Kentucky avenue, and went south and west, and pass the first stop. We were now traveling SR 67.

After about 18 …