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First Group Ride in North Carolina

Saturday, December 12th, 2015

Okay, so this is not exactly my first group ride in North Carolina since I was here about ten years ago for Gathering of Eagles, and rode with my Cruiser Club, USA Group around Greensboro. This is the first group ride since moving, and being a resident of North Carolina, as I now carry a license from the state.

This ride was set up by the Piedmont Riders Group on Meet Up. I had been following them since we moved down here, but the rides were on days we couldn't ride, or too far away. Not only was this one kind of close, but was coming back right near Locust.

Still though, the meeting spot was a good hour away, and I wanted to be on time, if not early. We headed out around 8:30 on the cool moist morning. So cool you could see it, and maybe even cut it with a knife!

We started out heading north on Central Avenue, also known as 200 North. This is a nice road that goes in and out a couple small towns, but mostly winds through trees. This also means cool, …

Out, Out, Out, Up, Up, Up and Away!

Friday, October 16th, 2015

Carolina Balloon Fest

I had suggested the ride to the Carolina Balloon feast early in the week, and I didn't know the nostalgia and interest it would bring out in my favorite riding partner, Kasey. So we had to go! Even though the weather would be cooler, and the only chance we would have to go would be the Friday Night Kick Off, which meant we wouldn't see all the balloons take flight.

We headed north on Central Avenue, or 200 out of Locust, North Carolina. After a few miles, we took a right at Mount Pleasant Road, and the a left on Best Cut Off Road. Got to love the titles of the roads down here! The sun was out, and it felt great. We knew the clear skies would bring cooler temperatures when the sun went down. We have found that living here is kind of like the desert, warm, sunny days, and clear skied nights bring lower numbers.

The best Cut Off doesn't last long, and we made another turn onto Cold Springs Road, which at some point becomes Iris…