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Cruise of a Different Kind

Sunday, February 8, 2010

Well, it has been a long while, way too long of a while, since I have had a post here. This winter has really sucked, and I am PMS'ing(Parked Motorcycle Syndrome) really bad.

To try to get my mind off of it, and get some sun and wind in my face, the riding partner, Kasey, and I decided to take a cruise on a big ole boat liner. We would have her two kids, and her parents in tow with us.

On this Sunday we were already in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, awaiting our trip to board the Norwegian Cruise Lines Jewel. It was a sunny Super Bowl Sunday in Miami, and we even passed the stadium where the game would be played.

Now, on to the cruise. After be crammed together by the Line Nazi, we made our way to the check in desk. I don't understand compressing people in a line unless there are people in bad weather. No one will get through the line any faster. It was sunny and 78 degrees outside. I would stand out in the weather for five more minutes then be butt to …