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Back to a Charity Ride

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

Well, I don't think I have done a Charity Ride since I started this blog? I am over 200 posts, so I can't remember them all. I think these rides are a great way to get people out and to raise money, but they are usually not for me. Lots of bikes, with lots of inexperienced riders, riding in mass, usually to a bar, where many have a few beers before hopping back on the bike. I do not ever drink and ride.

But yesterday, I got a text message from Shelly, friend and fellow VTX Rider. She was riding in a Charity Ride, and that end, her son's band, River County, was performing. I figured what the heck. I had been using the bike for more utility than anything else, and it would be nice to have a ride where I was just part of the pack.

So, Sunday Morning, I started out, heading to Shelly's house. I headed west on Washington, then south on Arlington to Thompson Road. The GPS took me right to her house.

After waiting for Shelly to get ready, get on h…

Riding to the PUD and Back

Saturday, June 21st, 2008

Summer is family reunion, time and with that, I find myself heading around Indianapolis on my way to the Parental Unit Dwelling (PUD). I took the ramp at Keystone Avenue, no longer 431, as the state gave the road to the city of Carmel, Indiana.

The mayor took over the road to add round abouts, and I was on auto pilot and missed my first turn. After a detour up to 116th Street, I headed west to Westfield Boulevard, and then back south. I arrived at my parent's street, and pulled up the driveway, and into the garage.

My dad's Caddy had issues, so we turned around, and then got mom's Subaru.

As we returned, we could see clouds growing out west. It looked like it was hanging right over the road that my brother and niece would have to ride to get home. I had the time to make it, so after a piece of pie, I headed for home.

I returned the route I came, with taking 465 around town to Washington Street.

GOE XII - Day Three: A Poker Run is Gambling

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

This morning for the Ralph Barnard Poker Run, we lined up to break up into three groups We would leave about 15 minutes apart. My brother led the first group, with a CB or GPS, as they were still on the old bike. He and his wife were leading on a brand new Kawasaki Concours 14.

I led the third and final group, and after telling everyone in the meeting we won't loose you, we lost the chase truck in hotel parking lot. We re-grouped, twice, then headed back down Lynhurst, to Kentucky, and then to the first card stop.

I had another brief meeting, and a warning of the switch back corner to come. We headed back down SR 67. I really thought that an officer would be posted at the street because one of our riders had gone down. The road, and the turn was clear, and we all made it through.

From there is was on to Wilbur Road, then Upper Patton Woods, and onto Berean, which was closed last Saturday. I was glad that is was open, it has been re-paved, and is one o…

GOE XII - Day Two: The dieing of the Bikes

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

Well the morning started with the biker games, and the bikes would be playing games with us all day! We were able to have the riders meeting on time, and get a group of bikes out of the parking lot in good time. 34 bikes in all!

While proceeding through town, the bikes got split up, but everyone was able to move along and not get lost. We were leaving the person at the end of the pack at the turn, then they would catch up with the next person. I moved along slow, so the group could form up again on Mann Road.

Along the way, just south of Raymond Street on Holt Road, Kevin pulled over on the other side of the road, he hopped off, followed by his wife, and then pulled the seat off the bike. I thought he might be having a CB Issue. The group was ready, and I headed out, figuring he would catch us, as he had the route in in his GPS.

Along Mann Road, a gal went wide on a corner, and ended up laying the bike over on a grassy hill. Besides being shaken up, a bum…

Last Chance Part Two: GOE XII Nashville Ride

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

This day is starting out early! I needed to be down at the Cummins Television Studios early for an eight o'clock taping. The bike was packed up, and I took off at 6:30am. The sun had not been up for long, and the air was still cool. A great morning for a brisk ride down to Columbus, Indiana.

I couldn't get in the regular way. So to get the last 500 feet to the driveway, I made a about an 8 mile detour! I arrived, and we got to work. I know I keep things to about the riding most of the time, but every once in a while I have to go on a sidebar.

After the first taping, we were setting up for the second when the door bell rang. I opened the door, and a young lady entered the building. As I walked her through the studio, she said, "Hey, thats your bike out there isn't it?" Of course I answered yes, but I had a bewildered look on my face. She answered my look with, "I read your Web Log."

I had to ask why, and she explained that…

Last Chance: GOE XII Poker Run Pre-Ride

Saturday, June 14th, 2008

Well, the countdown is dwindling to the last few days. We had no more chances to look at the rides, and with the weather, we really needed to! With all the weather as of late, roads have been flooded, filled with debris, and in some cases, washed away.

I met my brother and Al at the host hotel. After we waited to see if any others would show up, we headed out. We started by heading east on Crawfordsville Road. Before long we were heading south on Lynhurst, and through the town of Speedway. The town is named for it's major feature, and two and half mile oval you might had heard of?

After traveling quite a while on Lynhurst, we arrived on Kentucky Avenue. It would only be a few miles of traveling south and west until the first stop. I fueled up, and would be set for the rest of the trip. After a brief break, we headed back down SR 67, the road that Kentucky Avenue becomes outside the beltway.

After about 18 miles of two lane highway, we made a right tu…

Soup Run 2008: The Trip Home

Sunday, June 1st, 2008

Well it is Sunday, the Soup has cooled, and is probably in storage. I am sure they ration out the left over through the year. It was time to get up, hit the road for downtown Kenosha to make a second appearance at a new tradition. Franks Diner, the longest continuing running dining car eater in the country was a place we had breakfast last year on Sunday Morning, and I am continuing the new tradition.

The Black Pearl out front of Frnak's

While waiting for my food, I struck up a conversation with a couple sitting next to me. They were regulars and very nice. All I got was a last name, Anderson. I eventually filled the empty seat in between us, and let another couple have a seat at the bar.

I had a HALF Garbage plate and wheat toast

From Frank's it was time to make my trip to the Mars Cheese Castle. After dropping 40 bucks for some Wisconsin Cheese, I headed back to the hotel one last time.

I headed back west on SR-50. I was making tracks to get way out …