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Life Doesn't Always Have Sheltered Spans

Saturday, March 12, 2016

For those of you that have read about my rambling about Indiana, you know one of my favorite destinations are Covered Bridges. While in the Hoosier State I did a lot of visiting and research about the spans and the men who built them. I was working on a documentary about the builders, and I can remember one day that I was trying to think of other ways to say Covered Bridges. Sheltered Spans is what I came up with, I even liked the alliteration.

So today I set out on The Black Pearl to find my first Covered Bridge in North Carolina. I had really thought visiting these old passes were gone from my riding days. I didn't think North Carolina needed them since the weather conditions are not so harsh. The weathering of the wooden structures is why they were covered in the first place.

So after my favorite riding partner, Kasey, took this photo, we hit the road!

We hot the road, heading north on 200, and quickly left the town of Locust, North Carolina. We passed t…