A Work Week's Trips

August 14 through August 18, 2006

Most of this week, I traveled from Home to work, and back home again. Nothing major to report on most of these trips, so I thought I would combine them together. The weather is unusual for August, feels more like late September with cooler temps in the morning, around 60, and not too hot in the afternoon, high 80's.

Thursday Night, I rode up north before going home, checking out, of all things, a snowblower. I had found one for sale at a reasonable price, and wanted to check it out. The sellers are moving, and won't be needing it. After that brief stop, I headed to Star Financial Bank on Carmel Drive, and then to my parent's house.

After dinner, and a movie, the one I made from our Maine Cruise, I headed out to replenish our supply from Wild Oats. We had finally run out of frozen waffles for breakfast. Waffles I originally bought to help ME with my Cholesterol, and diet, but Nina seems to eat more of them than I do, nowadays.

There was a threat of rain on Friday, and after work I would have to deliver Nina to the airport to head out to California so she can visit with her grandfather, who will soon be turning 100 years old.


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