Three Rides in One Post!

Haven't been doing much interesting riding, so I thought I would catch you up to where I have been cruising.

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

This was just another run to Menard's Had to grab some hardware for the project on the house. Took Shadeland north to Pendleton Pike, and then into Menards. I returned the same way.

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

The skies were not as open to blue sky as they were the last couple of days, but the big was kind of dirty anyway, so if it rained, it would just help to clean off the smashed bugs on the windshield. After making some phone calls, and fitting a few other things in, I was running late for dinner at the PUD, Parental Unit Dwelling.

I started out heading west on Washington Street, and turned north on Arlington Avenue. I would take Arlington until I got to 56th Street, the avenue T's there. I headed further west, and took the exit to Kesler Boulevard. It winds it way west and and north through town, and even goes back south! I would be veering off at Keystone Avenue this week, remember I was running late!

I went north on Keystone Avenue, and the GPS was happy I was following the route it planned, instead of my meandering around, and have to re-calculate my route all the time! After passing under 465 and crossing 96th Street, I turned on 98th Street, and headed another mile west. I would turn north on Westfield Boulevard, and turn onto my parent's street.

Dinner was good, of course, and I headed back out with two eggs in the saddle bag, a request of Nina's. She needed them for brownies, it wasn't a suspension test.

I could have done with a visit to Wild Oats, but with the bridge out over 465, it is a pain in the butt to get there. So I headed south on Westfield Boulevard, around the round-a-bout, and east on 96th Street.

Keystone Avenue would take me south for a short stretch, then I would ramp my way onto 465, and ride around the north east side of Indianapolis. Washington Street would be my exit, but not until after a little tangle with a truck diver that obviously need more work on driving his big rig!! I made it home safely.

Sunday, July 29th, 2007

If you read regularly, you will notice I have not mentioned breakfast at Shapiro's lately. That is because, I have not been there! So I thought it was time to make an appearance. I began, as usual, heading west on Washington Street. I decided this time to bail at Pleasant Run Parkway. I meandered around along the creek, going under one of my favorite bridges, only 8 feet five inches of clearance!! An old stone and concrete arched railroad bridge. It is now grown over with trees and such.

I would turn on to English Avenue for a short time, then back onto the parkway, and then a little south on Keystone Avenue. I would then head further west on Prospect Avenue.

This is one of the roads that a lot of people in the city would probably avoid after dark. I love the flavor of the urban neighborhood. Especially on Sunday Mornings, as people are out walking dogs, sweeping their sidewalks, and just enjoying the early morning air.

I drive through Fountain Square, and under I-65 until I get to Meridian Street. I am south of Shapiro's, so I head north, and veer into the parking lot.

Breakfast and conversation was good, and we all broke up about 10am. I fired up The Black Pearl, and headed for home. I went east on McCarty until it T's at Eli Lilly, and makes me go north on Delaware. I turned east on Maryland, and curved north where it re-joins Washington Street. I would be heading east from here for about 8 miles.

I turned in my street, and arrived at home.


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