A Positive Ride

Monday, July 9, 2007

Well it is time for a ride back down to Columbus, Indiana for meeting at Cummins. We weren't having a broadcast, or even a taping, it was for a meeting to talk about a project that they have hired me to Produce and Direct. It is a video to celebrate a prolific inventor at Cummins, and award named in his honor. He was an incredible man who fought his way to be an educated engineer in post World War II Hungry, made his way to the United States, and lived what can be called the American Dream. He gained 80 to 90 patients while at Cummins, and his two sons are employees.

Anyway, to the ride! I started out heading west on East Washington Street for a short bit to Shadeland Avenue. I went south, and then merged onto 465 South. I took the loop around to I 65, and headed south for about 40 miles.

For a time I rode with a man on a Royal Star Venture, it looked like the one I sat on at Dreyer Honda South. Not sure if he got off at US 31 as I did, as we got seperated near the exit.

After six miles on US 31 South, I took the exit for Indianapolis Avenue, and took a short trip to the business park that Cummins Television Department is in. I pulled around the back entrance, and parked the bike. The meeting was great, and we talked about the subject of the award, as well as others who worked with him, and have nearly achieved the success he had.

After lunch, we returned to the building, I dressed up, and mounted the bike for the trip home. I wasn't sure how I was going home, just thought I would try to find a different way. I started north on US 31. I rode this two lane road for quite a while, all the way into Franklin, where I turned on SR 44. I followed it east until it's second jog. I went straight instead, and meander through a neighborhood, and eventually got to Franklin Road. I could take it north until I returned to Washington Street. There are some good parts of this ride, and I had fun the curves that laid along the route!

When I got to Washington Street, I went west, and returned home.


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