Back to Breakfast

Sunday, July 1st, 2007

Well, because of other commitmits, I have not been able to ride to one of my routine spots, Shapiro's Downtown for breakfast. Some mornings I was doing things that I would rather be at Shapiro's than be doing those chores, but last couple of weeks I was riding to and from Gathering of Eagles (GOE).

The first thing I noticed before threw my leg over the bike was that my wallet was nearly empty of cash. So the first stop would be at an ATM at First Indiana Bank. From there, I went south on Shadeland to Tenth Street, and began my trip west into downtown.

At Arlington I jogged south to Pleasant Run which quickly becomes one way, and Michigan Street. The traffic was light, and I was able to cruise at a speed that meant green lights at the intersections, until I got nearer downtown. The first stop would be for a train on the tracks that are near I 65/I 70.

The train was mostly passed when I approached, so after a dozen or so cars chugged along, the gates levered up, and I was on my way again. I weaved my way through city streets until I got to Pennsylvannia Street, where I headed south on the one way.

As I waited to join Meridian Street, I saw Tony Rogers pass by, and give a nod. A couple of more turns, and I would be pulling into the parking lot.

It was nice to be back at breakfast, share some new stories, and hear a few others, too. Things wound down at its normal time, and I was ready to head back home.

I followed Reed up the entrance ramp, and onto I 70. He veered off on I 65, while I headed north, and along the Super Seventy Project. The speed limit is reduced to 45mph, but no semis, so it is a relaxing little trip on the super slab.

I would take 465 South from I 70 to Washington Street, and then back home.

Rode to Shapiro's


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