Red River Gorge, Day 3: Dodging Our Way Back Home

Sunday, October 1st, 2007

Another crisp morning, but it is now October, although later on in the day is would feel like April, and then August!

We tried Rose's again, but they didn't open until eleven, and we were up and going before then. We began our journey back, passing through the Nada Tunnel one more time, with pictures this time.

We then continued along SR-77 until SR 460, which we only took for a short while until we came upon Frenchburg, Kentucky, where we stopped at a little corner cafe to have breakfast. It was cheap, good, and very filling!!

We continued along SR-460 stopping in Paris for a bathroom stop. It was also a nice stop to pick up some more compliments about the my exhaust pipe and the bike in general.

We continued on SR-460 to Frankfort, and then onto US-421. We began meandering our way up north, and back to the Hoosier State. Madison, Indiana would mean another bathroom break. Then back on the road for about 25 miles until Osgood, Indiana, and the Grubb Company for dinner.

We took US-421 north to I-74, where we turned and burned our way back home to I-465, and then Shadeland Avenue. It was nice to pull back into the driveway, and into the garage.


Anonymous said…
Rod, What a great trip this must have been ---- I'm envious.


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