First Thursday, Meeting Time!

Thursday, October 4th, 2007

I think this is the first time I have had two posts on the same day. Since the other one was long, this one will be short one about my trip McGilvery's for our monthly meeting of the Indianapolis Cruiser Club.

I went on my usual way into town, taking Washington Street west into town. After strolling passed the Indianapolis Zoo, I turned north on River Road. I decided to take Michigan Avenue west next.

Tibbs Avenue would take me north to 16th Street, which I would take west to Crawfordsvile Road. I would then travel north and west until High School Road. I went north for a short while until I arrived. There were already a few bikes parked around the pub.

After a long meeting, actually it was more like dinner and a lot of stories, I began my journey back home. I went north on High School Road, turning to go east on 38th Street, and the joining I-65 to I-70. I ramped off of one interstate to 465, and then to Washington Street.


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