Work and PUD: I know it isn't Thursday!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

First stop of today's trip is the UPS Store to ship off my old digital camera. It was not taking good pictures all the time, so I decided it was time for an upgrade. I started out heading west on Tenth Street until Shadeland Avenue, the corner the UPS Store is located. The people are always so friendly in that store.

From there, I continued west on Tenth Street, following the route that the GPS laid out for me. I was heading to Shelbi Street, a favorite place for me to eat! I came upon Sherman Avenue, and then headed south to Prospect Avenue. I could take this west to Fountain Square.

Lunch was delicious, as it always is there, if you are near the area, I highly recommend grabbing a bite to eat. I headed out of there on Virginia Avenue, which goes north and west and into downtown. After passing under the Conseco Field House Parking lot, I took Delaware north to Tenth Street. I jogged two blocks west, and then four blocks north to TV Station.

I spent the afternoon there blocking out camera shots for a new set for a show I will probably never direct. Yeah, you figure out the point of that too!! But, it was money, and we can all use that!!

I took off north on Meridian Street, heading for the PUD. Yeah, I know it isn't Thursday, but I am busy tomorrow night. I veered off at Broad Ripple Avenue, and then took Central to 63rd, which took me east to College Avenue. I took College north to 106th Street, hoping it wasn't too backed up. 116th Street must be open again, as it was free sailing to the Monon Trail, where I had to wait until some walkers crossed. I cruised the old neighborhood, and arrived at my parent's house.

Dinner was good as always, and speaking of 116th Street, my mom got a speeding ticket on the new stretch of roadway. Apparently so did 22 others in only 2 minutes. New pavement, four lanes divided, and 30 mph, what do you think?

Time to head for home, no need to go to Wild Oats, so I hopped on 465, the beltway around Indianapolis. I arrived at Washington, and was at home soon after.


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