Sometimes It Amazes Me How Things Work Out

Thursday, August 30, 2007

If you read yesterday's post, then you know I was busy tonight, and this will not be a Thursday trip to the Parental Unit Dwelling. I was headed for the Indianapolis Public Schools Headquarters for another board meeting. They are working on the building, so a motorcycle is much easier to park in the area.

I went west on Washington Street, heading into downtown Indianapolis. I took Delaware north to the headquarters. I have noticed of late that people are really slowing and have heeded the warning of local authorities about school zones. Have to be careful, because people really slam on the brakes to get down to the 25 mph speed.

I was early, as I always am, but the production trailer is usually there? It wasn't. Other crew members started showing up, I knew something was wrong! The truck that pulls the trailer had engine problems, and was being towed to the location. The engineer picked up the camera kits, and brought them ahead. We built the cameras, and pulled the cables, and then broke for dinner.

The truck was there, behind a tow rig, and was hooked up. We just needed to check everything out, and we would be ready to go!! Funny, how things can work out!

The meeting went quickly, it was an Action Session. I started out back north on Delaware, and took it until I-70. I went east to 465, and then south to Washington Street.


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