Another Small Town with a Great Place to Eat

Sunday, August 20, 2007

I know I am not on a trip, but here I am with third day of posts, and a third day of riding. I started out west on Washington Street heading through town. I went past the zoo, and then took Tibbs Avenue North to 16th Street. I took it west to Crawfordsville Road where we would meet up at the Shell there. Al and Teresa where seated on their bikes.

After I fueled up, we waited for others to arrive, and then headed out. We took I-74 north and west until SR 267. SR 267 would take us south to Brownsburg. In that Indianapolis Suburb we turned west, and headed out US 136.

Upon reaching the burg of Jameston, we turned onto SR 234. It has some nice curves, and some wicked right angled ones. A great section is just passed Shades State Park, and features trees and great turns.

I have to mention, all along the way, Teresa, who was riding in the middle of the pack with Al leading, had her shirt blowing up. I was getting a nice skin show all along the route. Had to think if I had some singles in my wallet.

We turned north on SR 341, and headed into the town of Wallace. It is another one of those great Indiana Towns that once flourished, but now struggles to stay alive. The one thing that keeps them going is a great place to eat, and Al says this town has one of those!

As we walked into the restaurant, I was joking with Teresa about the show I got along the route. She said at one point she thought her shirt was going to blow off. I told her I was going to tuck a buck to keep it going!! We all laughed as we stepped inside.

After lunch, we followed sign to a park and a Covered Bridge. It was only a quarter mile from the eatery.

Lunch and Covered Bridge

We left the covered bridge, and headed back down SR-341 south, back to SR 234. We continued west until SR 41, which we took south into Rockville. We had discussed taking US-236 back to Indianapolis, but Al decided otherwise mid-trip. We pulled into a gas station on the north side of Rockville.

We would all need fuel before Indy, so this was the reason for Al's Detour. The next one would be even more confusing, as he missed our turn to US-36. I guess it wouldn't be a Cruiser Club Ride without a U-turn.

US-36 would bring us into Indianapolis, but first we would enter Danville, and in a move worthy of a Goldwing, Al pulled us into a Dairy Queen. After a small treat, we parted company, as I headed further east on US-36 to a friend's house for their two year old's birthday party.

The party was fun, the food good, and it was time to head home! I took US-36 to 465, and headed south to I-70. The interstate would take me through town, and back to 465, and south to Washington Street.

Could be a few days until another ride, thunderstorms, and a trip to California will be the interruptions!


Anonymous said…
Hey, it's not my fault they didn't mark the turn onto highway 36 in Rockville. :)) BTW, Teresa's shirt stayed tucked in all the way back to Indy after we split from your ----- darn it anyway.

Digital Rodney said…
I hear ya Al!! Thought about trying to untuck it for you when we were at the Dairy Queen!! lol

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