The first cold ride to Sunday Breakfast

Sunday, November 18, 2007

As it always is in November, December, January, and February, sometimes into March, riding any time during the day can be an iffy option. I woke up on this morning thinking I would be driving the truck down town to breakfast. It was cool, around 38, and I though there was a chance for rain. The rain was delayed, and I thought I could brave the cold air!

I headed into downtown Indianapolis along Washington Street. After several cool miles that felt great, really awakening, I turned south on East Street, and took it to South Street, which I took west to Penn. The rest of the trip would be through a sea of blue, white, and horseshoes! Before Peyton Manning came along, you would not see this kind of tailgating! I probably could have gotten a pretty tasty breakfast!

I took Penn Street south, and meandered my way to Shapiro's. A lot of the regulars were there, and a good breakfast was had.

Just a side note, one of great importance. Earlier in the week, someone I considered a friend, and past member of the Cruiser Club, and someone I have ridden with, took his own life. When ever someone I know commits suicide, I am mixed with sadness and outrage! I don't think there is anyone in the world that hasn't been there! It is just a sad, easy way out, and the people that I know were stronger than that, they just didn't know it! Anyone who reads this, and is thinking about taking their life, GET HELP! There are people who care, people who know how to help, people who have been there and can show you that you have the strength to make it!

Ok, off the soap box, and back into the saddle. I headed east on McCarty Street to Delaware. I took Delaware to Washington Street, and then east to my street and home. The sun did little to warm anything up, as it was 40 degrees when I pulled back into the garage.


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