First Real Ride of the New Year

Monday, March 8, 2010

Now who would have thought, two rides in March? Mother Nature could be setting up the Hoosier State for a rude awaking, maybe in April or May.

John, a friend that i had met while working at WFYI, rode his Hyabusa over to my house. John is about 10 years my senior, and to say he is a character is making a description that is far short of reality. I like having real "characters" in my life, it makes life more interesting, and a lot more fun!

The first leg of out trip would take us to a place for lunch. We headed north from my house to Tenth Street. The we made our way east on Tenth Street. Here is a surprise, he made our way through construction! The spring weather brought out more than just two wheeled vehicles, but earth movers, dump trucks, bull dozers, and others of the sort.

We arrived at Muesing Street, and made our way south to US 40, or Washington Street. Positioned on the northwest corner is a little eatery called Sero's. If you anywhere near Cumberland, Indiana, this is a place I recommend that you get a bite to eat. First off, if you can't find something you like on the menu, you have food issues. If you don't like what is brought to you, then you have taste bud issues.

John and I chowed down our meals, had a chat for a bit, and then headed out the door for the open road.

We went back north on Muesing Street to 21st Street. A sign that we were out of the city was when this road changes name to a County Road designation. We continued east until the edge of the town of Greenfield, Indiana.

Here, we headed north on Fortville Road. This round winds it's way north into the town of Fortville. Funny I guess, but I think road planners in Indiana wanted to make things easy by naming roads where they lead to. Of course if you are going south, it is where you are heading from. Could be confusing?

There are some great views along here, even though homes pretty much dot the whole length of this road. Along a small lake, there are some really nice houses. I could live here, maybe have a jet ski. Most of those white, so would I have The White Pearl?

Once again, we just skim the edge of a town, turning to head east just south of Fortville. After bouncing back and forth on county and state roads, we found a road that was called Nashville Road. I couldn't believe that it lead to either the Music City in Tennessee or the one in scenic Brown County.

Eventually, we made our way into New Castle, Indiana. This is Indiana's Basketball Town. I am not a fan myself, but I have planned bike trips to the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame, but we never made it. After the ride, and bite to eat, the vote was to not visit the museum, but keep riding. Not sure where all these other Indiana Basketball Fans are?

We made a stop at a gas station, and took a break, along with sharing some more conversation. It was weird how I was very comfortable at speed moving through the Indiana Roads, but when we stop, I feel the chillier air.

We left the gas station heading south on SR 3 until Old Spiceland Road. This is a scenic little road that winds it's way south to the town of Spiceland, Indiana. If you have seen a Red Gold Commercial, you have heard of this little berg.

I tried a different road this time, one that varies from the usual route I take. I didn't like this route as much, it was a nice ride, just didn't feature the scenery of other roads in the area.

Eventually, we would make our way back to SR 3, and then to US 40. The National Road would take us west, and back to the capital city. Though it is mostly divided two lane, it is a pleasurable ride to wind down from a day of riding. We saw several other riders along the way, so the left hand was off the handlebar while waving to the others on two wheels.

We parted ways at my street, and the first real ride of the season was done.


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