Back in the Saddle Again!!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Rushed home from work, as the skies were clear, and the temps had risen to near 50 degrees. Backed the bike out of the garage, after it fired right up.

Headed down the driveway, and headed north to 1oth street. Thought I might just run up and down my street, but at 10th, I decided to lengthen the trip. I went east on 10th street to Franklin Road. The bike was warmed, and the fluids were flowing, both in me and the bike! So when I was heading south, I opened the throttle, the bike came to life, as I accelerated down the street. The traffic was heavy on Washington Street, as it was rush hour, but I was able to pull into the flow. Thought I would turn back onto my street, but decided to continue on west.

I took the ramp to go north on Shadeland Avenue, and continued back to 10th Street, where I would head east back to my street. The bike felt good, ran good, and I was ready to ride the restof the day away, but with the sun going down, and the cool air was sinking in. I went south, and back to the driveway, only five miles later. Pulled back into the garage, and turned the bike around, so it would be facing out of the garage. I hope it will only be a short time before I can get it back out again!!


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