Two Days of Short, Uninteresting Rides

Sunday, March 11 and Monday March 12, 2007

Sunday afternoon I got the bike back together after doing the DeSmog and Engine Ground Modifications, and checking the valves for adjustment. I ran the hose and soap over the bike when I was done, but I am still going to need to some polishing later!!

I also got myself cleaned up, and ordered some wings from RJ Wingers, one of my personal favorites. I decided to take the bike to retrieve my carry out order. My first stop was to get gas, then I headed east on Washington Street. RJ Wingers is on the northwest corner of Post and Washington. I pulled into the parking lot, and into the Carry Out Space.

I grabbed my wings, and headed back home. I took Washington Street west. I was amazed at how many bikes were out, but I guess it has been a while, and everyone with a motorcycle was looking for some therapy.

Monday is the first day of the work week, and guess where I had to go? To work! Once again, I was on Washington Street, heading west into downtown Indianapolis. I took my normal turn north on Delaware, and another regular turn west on 10th street. After two blocks, I would head north on Meridian Street to the station.

I got done with the project I needed to complete two minutes early!! I hopped on the bike in a near emptied parking lot, and geared up for the ride home. I started south on Pennsylvania, and turned east on New York Street. I cruised this one street until it turns into Pleasant Run Parkway. It ends at Pleasant Run Golf Course, where I jog south, and then back east on Pleasant Run Parkway. It ends at Kitley, which I take north through the town of Warren Park. It goes along the golf course, and some quaint neighborhood homes.

I am once again on 10th Street heading east, through Shadeland and Shortridge, and onto my home street.

Rain and the return of cold weather, even the chance of snow lies in the forecast, so it may be a spell before another ride. I hope not!


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