GOE VI: The Gathering & Bonus Trip

Wednesday, June 19 to Friday, June 21, 2002

Just a note, I rethought of this trip in 2006, after I started this blog, and now in 2013, I am re-writing and posting this story. According to Wikipedia - The "moderated newsgroup" that led to Blogs was started on August 7th, 1987 - my 19th birthday! They were called online diary's at first, and the term Web Log came about at the end of 1997. The term was shortened, made a verb, etc. in 1999. It would take about five years before I would catch on to it.

Surely You Meant to be Somewhere Else?
it is always funny to me how people take things for granted. You live long enough anywhere, and the place becomes dull. Large or small, when you are new to a town, everything is exciting because it is different.
So when we ventured out around Farmville, here was a typical conversation. "Where ya'all from?" In which our answer was Indiana. "Where ya'all headed? And we would answer honestly, "Here". After a brief pause, and a look of awe on the quizer's face, would be faced with the third and final inquisition.  "Why?" The answer could vary, but usually was an explanation of the rally.

Staring Down the Barrel of a Beach
Up to this point in my life, I really had not traveled all that much. Until I joined the Cruiser Club, I had not traveled that much on a motorcycle. But in just the short time I was in the group, about tow years, I had traveled all over Indiana, seeing places I never knew existed. So it was decided before we ventured off for home, we would add one more day, and venture out on our own. It was Friday, and we were headed to the coast, and Virginia Beach to be specific. We weren't looking to lay out on the sand, and even out our farmer's tans, just ride along the shoreline.

As we pulled into town, I saw a Visitor's Center. We pulled in, parked, and stepped into the very cool air conditioned bureau. There was a younger man behind the counter. I approached, and told him that we had only a little bit of time, needed to eat lunch, and wanted to know what we couldn't miss in town. Not only did he point us into the direction of a great attraction, but gave us very good directions to get there. He even altered them after he found out we were on motorcycles. His guidance ended with a parking location.

We followed the along the path, and upon making one turn in town, we were faced down by military might of the past. Parked in the harbor, was the USS Wisconsin Battleship. The large barrels pointing right down the headlight of the bike. Kudos to be passed out to that young man. The Battleship Tour, and the little cafe was great. It hit the spot for time, and for our needs. With that all done, we headed back to Farmville. Or so we thought.

Round and Round
We had to pass through Richmond, Virginia on our way back, and somehow, we lost the highway we were on as we snaked our way through town. After 40 minutes, we found ourselves back the same point in town. I looked down the cross street, and spied the highway sign. As we rounded the corner, my brother saw the turn sign we had missed on our first lap, positioned about 30 feet up the pole! So our short day trip to the beach and back ended up being about 14 hour odyssey. Like I said, the fewer the miles, the longer the day.


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