New Year's Day 2005

January 1, 2005:

The first day of 2005 was not a pretty day. I sent out an e-mail telling anyone that was interested, to meet me for lunch at Sero's in Cumberland, and we would ride someplace. I think it was about fifty degrees, gray and foggy. I waited for 15 minutes past the meeting time, and decided that no one else was showing up. I couldn't blame them. it was ugly out here. I decided for a quicker lunch, and was the first customer of the Cumberland Subway for 2005. I'm sure I wasn't going to be the last, and I wasn't even going to try to be their last customer. There were no balloons, no fanfare, just a good sandwich created by the sandwich artist.

I took off on US 40, The National Road, toward Greenfield. I fully intended to ride out further, as I wanted to check out some roads that I had mapped out with Streets and Trips. I already knew that Old Spiceland Road was a good, twisty road, but I was looking for others in the area. By the time I got to Greenfield, a light mist had begun, and it was cooler away from the city. I decided to head south down SR 9. The mist got heavier, and the air grew chillier. I was getting more and more ready to just go back home. Without the mist, I would have ridden the whole route, with the mist and 20 more degrees, I would have done the same. The worst part of SR 9 was when a semi tractor-trailer passed me the other way. Most of us know the wake of wind you get from the big rigs, but the water moves along with it, and I got a good soaking. Thank goodness for Frogg Toggs, the best rain gear on the market. There I go again, with another plug.

I took US 52, Brookville Road, and Shadeland Avenue back home, warmed up, and enjoyed the day off.
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