Could This Be the Start of the Riding Season?

January 7th, 2008

Well, here it is, the end of the first week of January, and the temps are warm enough to ride! No, I didn't move to Florida or something like that since I last posted, it is just good old fashioned Indiana weather!!

I had several projects to do around the house, and the ride was to be my reward. I didn't get out of the road until the middle of the afternoon, so it wasn't along ride.

I started out under the gray blanket of clouds, it was not any form a pretty day, but it was in the middle 50's, and I have learned that in January, you take what you can get.

I headed out east on Tenth Street, passed Washington Square Mall, and until the street ends into a an apartment complex in Cumberland. I went south on Muessing to Washington Street, jogged a little, and heading further south on Muessing. It winds through some nice scenic areas. As scenic as this sub-urban area can get.

When I go to US 52, or Brookville Road, I just didn't feel like taking it back home yet. After a very short jaunt, I turned south on Kitley Avenue. It wound through woods and farmland, carrying me east and south. I am sure I had to take a few county roads along the way, but eventually I ended up on I-74.

Not that I like the highway, because I don't, but I knew the bike needed a little stretch at speed. This way would lead me back to the city is quick time.

I-74 becomes Southeastern Avenue after crossing 465. I kept on that road until Arlington, and then headed north. I would cross over Washington Street, and take Pleasant Run back to 10th Street. Running East for a few more blocks until I made it home.


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