GOE XVIII- Day Six: The Final Day, An Old Friend Returns

Saturday, June 28, 2014

The sun broke over the Rural King and poured through the crack in the curtain of the hotel room. It was time to start the finally leg of this year's journey. We had breakfast in the lobby of the Comfort Inn. The bikes were already fueled up, so we just needed to get them packed up, and our legs thrown over the seat.

We started out on 95 heading west, with a short jaunt on 12 to get to 273. It wasn't long before we were taking a south loop around Indian Lake. It was still a bit early, and I could feel the cool air blowing off the water. The last section of the trip around the lake put us on 33, which we stayed on when we crossed Interstate 75.

Wapakoneta sits just west of the Interstate, and now has a place in my heart. We pulled over in the town to take a break, but before we made it to the fuel stop, I had a Kodak Moment to capture. The Black Pearl had hit another milestone: 75,000 miles. We went into town, go gas, and continued on our journey.

County Road 33A took us south of Saint Marys and around the southern edge of her grand lake. Water has been a theme of the morning, and passing through Montezuma continued that angle, in an indirect kind of way. 127 was the west border of the lake, and it led us to 29, where we headed west once again.

A few more miles and we would be out of Ohio and back home again in Indiana. We were also leaving the lakes behind, but not the water. The skies that started out patchy this morning, had grown cloudy, and shortly after crossing the border, the skies were waiting to open up on us. We stopped at the first place we could, and slid on our rain gear.

We continued west on Indiana 18, through darker skies and the rain. Like a lot of roads in Indiana, it had few curves or tricks, but we did arrive in Marion again, this one in Indiana. Shortly after passing through town, we took a detour off of 18 to head south on State Road 13. Construction was forcing us to amend the route, which turned out okay. We picked up heading west on State Road 28, which took us into Tipton, Indiana.

It was getting time for lunch, and even though we were only about an hour and half from my brother's house, we decided to take a break at Jim Dandy to grab a bite to eat. It was a good choice, and it got us out of the rain for a while. As I said, we were close to the end of the day, and on roads we were familiar, so we were not in a hurry.

State Road 28 would take us across Indiana to US 52, which we could take north and west into Lafayette. Though the roads were familiar, it is was still tense to carry the miles in the rain. Probably one of the wettest GOE's of recent memory, but another one was in the books.


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