First Tar Heel Tour

Sunday, July 26, 2015
So we have been here in North Carolina for a week and half, and our stuff has been here for about a week. The garage is till pretty packed up, but that will take a cool morning to load stuff into the attic. Today, it is time to take that first ride out into Tar Heel Country.

Like a lot of rides, it started out at the gas station, we are lucky to have one right outside our new neighborhood. So the tank got filled, and Will, Kasey's son, and for all purposes, my step son, and I headed out on the North Carolina pavement.

Outside the neighborhood is bordered by Bethel Church Road, which we took east. it was only a short trip, since we turned north onto Coley Store Road. I have found a lot of interesting road names, many of them have church in the name. We made our way to Millingport Road, and then hit a bit of a detour.

We waited at the scene, especially when the helicopter flew in. We heard some people who knew some of the people involved, and said that the couple they knew were okay. The other older gentleman was the one needing the helicopter. It was a head on collision, and there were reports that he had been weaving along the road. We waited until the lifeline copter took flight.

We turned around, and started out on our detour. We made our way on NC 1434, and headed east. It lead us into Ablemarle, and crossing a familiar street, US 52. This Federal Highway runs through Indiana, and is stretch of road that I use to get to my brother's house. That stretch is about 700 miles away.

At the edge of town, we got on Highway 24/27, and made our way further east. In Troy, we turned north on 109, and entered the Uwharrie National Forest. I was looking for way to get to the water's edge, but the one place we pulled off, a picnic area, only had a gravel road that led to lake. There was another VTX parked in the lot, but I didn't see who it belonged.

State Road 49 would be the mid point for the trip, and we would begin our way back west and south. We crossed the river that makes up Baden Lake, and then headed south on US 52. It was a short trip while in Richfield, and we hit Millingport Road, and passed  the point of the accident. It was all cleaned up, but we could still tell where it had happened.

We veered off at Five Point Road, and then joined Mission Church Road. This road ended up being the north border of our neighborhood. So we ended up between Bethel and Mission Church Roads. On this side, there is about a hundred feet of forest that buffers the homes.

I went passed the house, and then back down Bethel Church Road. This time we went south on Coley Store Road, and back to State Highway 24/27. We then went west back into town. I wanted to see what stores were further down the road from 200, where we turn. Not much to see, a Building Supply Store, a Wendy's, and CVS that I already had discovered.

We then returned home. Kasey and Rose were still out, but they would arrive in a few minutes. So next I need to plan my next Tar Heel Trip. Maybe I will remember to bring along the GoPro!


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