Twisting the Right Hand Down

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

For those of you who read this blog, and are not familiar with the workings of motorcycles, you right hand grips the throttle. It is your control, you can make the world go faster or slower, with a twist of the wrist. In a car they call it the gas, or accelerator. Just think about when life is going slow, boring, and it feel like a certain time will never come? Give it a little gas, get there faster! And when something good is happening, and time flies, twist the wrist and slow things down.

With that, it is unavoidable that when you get back out on a bike, after it has been a while, that yearn for that control. With 1800cc's, 100 horsepower, at your command, I think you can see where my life is going: The Fast Lane!!

But the fun would have to wait until the chores are over. First I headed west on Tenth Street, then north on Shadeland Avenue, destination: Menards. I need to save some big money on drywall screws and a shower head.

After my shopping, I decided to take the scenic route home. I headed north and east on Pendleton Pike to Franklin Road. I to that south, over I-70 and I-74. Eventually turning north and west on Southeastern. Kind a funny huh? After making a U-Turn, I got on 465 North and back to Shadeland. This would be my chance to open things up a bit. Lets face it, it is boring super slab, a space need for some time acceleration! With a twist of the right hand down, the asphalt flew underneath the bike.

It wasn't long before I arrived at the Washington Street Exit, and veered off to head home.


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