Dinner Ride

Saturday, April 25, 2009

With the weather seeming to want to hold onto winter until early August, and a long day in general, Kasey and I both need a little getaway for therapy, aka a motorcycle ride. As we drove my truck from her house to mine, I formulated somewhat of a plan in my head. I had a place for us to go for dinner. I had no idea if this location was still open, so I also had a back up.

We didn't spend a lot of time stalling around my house before we donned our motorcycle gear, and headed down the road. We began heading east on Washington Street. At first it was a nice cruise. There had been a lot of construction work on this road, and the now six lane portion that was finished was traffic free. In front of Washington Square Mall the story was different, one rough lane, as the road work continues here.

As we approached Cumberland, I steered The Pearl south on Munsie Street. I really like this stretch of road. If I had the money, and the land was available, this is a road I would live on. It jogs at Prospect Street, and ends at US 52.

Another little jog east, and we would be heading south once again on Kitley Road. This is another tree lined road that is out of town enough, but still close to a cities amenities. It curves into Stinemyer Road taking us east.

Next is another leg south on CR 700 West. This is a road I often take off of US 52, and is on the western edge of New Palestine. It winds along a creek, and then past The Links Golf Course. I-74 creates a dead end, so a turn on CR 1000 North will take you east to CR 675 West, which you can take south over I-74 and to London Road.

If you are a frequent reader, you have heard me drool over rides on London Road. But not this trip. There is a "Y" in the road, and I have never taken the other road, so tonight is the night!

The first part of the road passes through a little burg by the name of London Heights. I followed the path of the asphalt, and veered to the east along CR 700 North. This lead us to a frontage road along I-74.

Since the beginning of the truck ride from her house, Kasey had been asking about the destination for dinner. I told her it was a surprise. We had gone round and round about it, by her trying to draw clues from me. She wanted to know the style of cuisine, but that would have given it away. Event he town name might have given it away, so I remained coy.

At Clover Village, we turned off the Frontage Road, and away from the highway, we were heading south, as the super slab headed south and east. CR 400 West becomes Main Street for Fairland, Indiana. As we exited town on CR 400 North, and turned south on Brandywine Road, Kasey asked if we were going for dinner in Vincennes. Apparently I was being so coy, not only with my words, but with my route. Before you go look it up on a Map, Vincennes is about two hours away.

Brandywine Road wound us down to Boggstown Road, which took us east into Shelbyville, Indiana. After cruising past the address twice, I decided the place had gone out of business, and it was time to head for the back up plan. We returned to the square, rounded it, and headed back north on SR 9. Just before you get out of town is the Cow Palace. It is a little place that reminds me of a Friendly's, if you have one of those near you. Think of it as a mom and pop, and little more extensive menu than Dairy Queen.

Though it was not the Italian Food I had my mouth watering, it was still a great dinner. Topped off with a great dessert, although I got chastised for having ice cream with fruit, like that made it health food!

The sun had set, and the sky was growing dark as we headed back for the Digital Castle. Started out heading north on SR 9. We passed US 52, as I knew the road was closed for repair. So we headed further north until we pulled into the town of Greenfield. At the center of town, we turned west on US 40, and headed back toward Indianapolis.

Kasey and I were amazed that the old roadside hotels that popped up when US 40 was the main road, no I-70 yet, were still open. Some still as hotels, some converted to apartments. Eventually, a lot of the rural gave away to the urban, and the light of the city bathed us as we got closer to home.

Driving around for an hour or so, going 20 to 30 miles for dinner was something that I have wanted to do for a while. I had done it a couple of times, but not as much as I wanted. From our conversation on the way back home, Kasey certainly sounds up for it, so hopefully there will be more trips like this!


Anonymous said…
I wonder if any of the other club members would be up for a mid-week dinner ride sometime? This is something I have been thinking about suggesting. I see you have the next meeting as being on 05-09-09. That is a Saturday, correct?

Digital Rodney said…
Hey Al,

I changed the meeting to May 7th, Thursday as usual.


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