Another Trip to Work, With Errands, This Time!

April 11, 2006

I know I am rather Ho-Hum about my trips to work, but if I ever write about an exciting one, it will probably be bad news.

I took my usually route, or tried too. There was a protest that was to take place during the afternoon rush hour against the proposed immigration policies. Why they had the streets blocked at 7:30am, for a protest that wasn't taking place until 4:30pm, I will never know.

So instead of heading up Delaware Street, I had to head up Meridian, and around the Circle Monument. It was a nice change of pace, but I did see a lot of bad driving on this detour route.

I made to work safely, did my job, and then the day was over. Actually I didn't do much, as the work that was scheduled got cancelled. The main thing I did was something that had popped up on Monday.

I had a couple of bank runs to make after work, so instead of my usual route, which would have been blocked by protesters, I took a different route. I still ended up heading south on Pennsylvania Street, but turned at St. Claire, headed east to East Street, and then south to New York. I could see the protesters lining up. I was happy to see that they were all in possession of American Flags. It seemed weird to me that these people want to be Americans, but kept dis-respecting Old Glory by putting the Mexican Flag ahead of it.

I rode East on New York Street, and snaked my way up to 56th Street. I needed to go to Lawrence, and City within Indianapolis, to drop off a deposit at my bank there. It is the closest branch of this bank. The bank was really close when I lived in Carmel.

From this bank, I needed to head to another. I went south on Post Road to 30th Street, West on 30th to Franklin, and then further west on 10th Street. The next bank was a first Indiana on Shadleland Avenue. I needed to deposit the first check I got from an Insurance Claim from my accident with the Carmel Fire Department. I got rear ended a couple of weeks ago in my truck, by a Suburban type vehicle.

I made my bank run, crossed the empty parking lot of the abandon Eastgate Shopping Mall, and headed for home.

Not too interesting of a trip, but I did get to see more of Indianapolis than on my normal commute.
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