Back to Work, Another Ho Hum Trip

April 13, 2006

Another warm morning, Nina drove here Cabriolet with the top down to work, and if she can brave the cool air, so can I. She even assumed that I would be riding, as she left the garage door open.

After packing up the bike, getting out the gloves and helmet, I went back into the house to get the dog outside. It isn't easy getting a full blooded Bassett hound out the door when she doesn't want to go!

I took my usual route to work. I have noticed that since the damage to the Indiana Bank Building, that there has been a Cop triggering the light at Market and Delaware. Usually, the lights are timed all the way up Delaware, so if you make one, you make them all. The two cops at this post have not yet caught onto the rhythm, and everyone gets stopped. The next two streets to the west are blocked off, and you can still see the hole in the side of the building where strong winds knocked out several windows.

I rode up to 10th street, crossed west to Meridian, and then up to 14th. I almost made the gate, but I knew I was a tick too late, so I stopped, and got out my key. A large white four door car is parked in my space, one marked for sub compacts. It is also on a "short" corner, so I can park the bike diagonal so it is easy for cars to make the corner.

Normally, I would be traveling to my parent's house on a Thursday Evening, but with Easter Approaching, I knew a free dinner was out of the question, as my parents would be atteneding their church's love feast.

I cruiser home, making a detour south on East Street, so I could get to New York Street. When I am ont he bike, I always take the scenic route home. This route continues New York Street, but it changes names to Pleasant Run Parkway. It has some nice turns to practice on, as I have taken them a hundreds of times before. I will end up on tenth street, and ride that to Sadlier Drive. Still no kickball playing on, yet.


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