Texas Day 9: I Guess It Could Have Been Worse

April 9, 2006

Well, here it is, the last day of a nine day voyage. The temperature had dropped, and when I went to put my bag on the back seat, I first had to wipe the frost off. It was cold, and we were planning on burning up I-65 through Kentucky, and onto home.

When I checked out of my room, I made it point that I didn't enjoy my stay because I didn't have free internet. The lady at the front desk said it has been quite a problem, and they are working on getting free internet.

We scrambled up on the interstate, and headed home. We went about 100 miles to the town of Elizabethtown, Kentucky. This town has a rich history with Duncan, as one year he was trying to get to Florida, with is bike in tow behind his car, and his car blew up on him. We stopped at Denny's and got some breakfast.

We fueled up, and I took the lead. I would be taking us through Louisville, and across the bridge over the Ohio River to get us Back Home Again in Indiana. In fact I sang the tune a little, just like Jim Nabors does every year at the motor speedway.

We went another 100 mile leg. The temps were climbing, but we stayed bundled up. We stopped in Seymour, Indiana, site of a large Wal-Mart Distribution Center. We got gas and took some pictures. I will have to get those from Duncan.

It was less than 100 miles to home, and I stayed with the other two until 465, and peeled off to head for home. I honked the horn as I pulled up the drive, and it wasn't long before Nina came out to greet me. She led me into the house, but would not let me go any further than the kitchen. I could see that my miter saw was in the dining room, now. She made me take off the outer layers of insulation I was wearing. She then had me close my eyes, and led me through the house. When I was allowed to open my eyes, I was able to see that a lot of work had been done to the house. The ceiling was painted, the walls were painted, and a new light fixture was hung. Apparently, this was her version of "While You Were Out". Including, that I had to "win" the light fixture with a quiz. It is still there.

Back to the trip, and my reflections:

Things I had never done before: Go over 3000 miles on a motorcycle trip, we actually went around 3700 miles. Ride in the Rockie Mountains. Ride in Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Ride 600 miles in one day. Ride along the Rio Grande and the Mexican Border.

The Best Parts of the Trip: Had to be Lambert's Cafe, Carlsbad Caverns, and Fort Davis and the Hotel Limpia. An Honorable Mention would have to be the San Antonio River Walk.

The Worsts of the Trip: Whattaburger was Whattadisapointment and starting the day wiping the frost off your seat is no fun either.

The Terrifying Moments: First a disclaimer: I was leading when Gene had his accident, so I didn't see it happen, so it didn't make the list. I ended up in a tie, between my trunk sliding down the highway with an eighteen wheeler bearing down on it, and seeing Duncan naked. I think both made my heart stop for more than moment, as well as brought my last meal up to my throat.

All in all, I have to say, "I Guess It Could Have Been Worse."


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