The Casual Ride Home: The Long Stretch

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

I won't vouch for how accurate the above map is, Julie did a good job of getting both of us lost on way back through Indiana. She was on her new bike, and had been a ride through the area, and did her best to remember how to get through.

Eventually, we made our way to Kendalville, and made a stop for lunch at the KFC. It had a buffet, so you could get what you wanted, and as much as you wanted. After lunch, she would head back to her house, and I would continue my journey to home. I had about 160 miles left to make it back to the Digital Castle.

I made my way along county roads, and through various towns. They each had their own character, and most of the had something that caught my eye. The weather was great, and I was really enjoying the ride. The towns offered stops, and I could stand up out of the seat, and stretch. Before long, I was almost home, I had 150 miles on the clock since my last stop.

I was able to hit some of my favorite roads close to home, like Fortville Pike. I pulled into a gas station, fueled up, had a little snack, then made the short journey home. I was on 21st street heading west, then Muesing Street south to Tenth Street, and the more west to home.


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