Birthday Ride

August 9th, 2008

Well here it is, two days after I passed the 40 mile stone. So to celebrate, we are going riding! I knew where I wanted my Birthday Lunch, so I made a ride out of making a big loop around Indianapolis. The weather looked fine, even though clouds would move in later. Several of us assembled at the Thornton's Gas Station on East Washington Street.

We began by heading East on Washington Street, and underneath 465 to Franklin Road. We made our way north on Franklin and the headed east again on 10th Street. We cruised along this route of town until we got to Cumberland, Indiana. A short juant north, and then back east on 21st Street. Once out of Marion County, the road cahnges to 100 North.

Before entering Greenfield, Indiana, we turned north on Fortville Road. This road winds it way north, and little west. The road is sceninc, and has a lake view with some nice lookig modest homes surrounding it. In Fortville, we jogged over to SR 13, and headed back north.

SR 32 would take us north and est to near Anderson, Indiana. We would begin back west on Strawtown Pike. This road winds and undulates through farm fields, and along White River. This is one of the best roads in this area, and always puts a smile on my face.

The road changes names a couple of times as it winds into Cicero, and settles on being 236th Street. It would be a straight ride from here, across the resevior, and then across US 31. A few more miles, and time for a gas stop. A trick I learned a few years ago was to plan a gas stop just before lunch. This gets everyone back on the bikes, and ready for chow. The Red Onion, which also has a bar attached called Rodney's Place, was the chosen location for lunch. The are known for their ample sandwiches, especially Tenderloins.

After a hearty meal, and lots of banter, we threw our legs over the bikes, and headed back down the road. Heading west on SR 47, we took it straight, letting the food settle, until we got over SR 52, where the road winds its way to and beyond Thorntown, Indiana. From there, it was on into Crawfordsville. After another stop for fuel and a break, we headed out once again. We were now heading south, and back east. We wound our way through a beautiful tree lined road passed Shades State Park. We continued past to SR 234, and then headed back east to Ladoga.

Then it was south on SR 75 to SR 236 through North Salem. The road was full of sweepers, and made a nice relaxing after meal ride. We would join SR 39, which would take us south into Danville, Indiana. We turned east on US 36, then passed through town to Cartersburg Road. This is a great little road that meanders south to US 40, the National Road.

We only followed this dual lane divided road for a little bit, then turned south on Miles Road. We were not even on this road more than 2 miles, and turned east on 600 East. A few more county roads that we changed around on, and we arrived in Mooresville on SR 267. We cruised the small burg, and got on SR 44 to head east south of Indianapolis, and bypassing the town.

We made our way into Franklin, Indiana, took another break for us, and refilled the tanks on the bikes. We continued east on SR 44 to 750 West, and began heading north. After a couple of County Roads, the numbers change to names, and the first one is Sand Creek Road.

We rolled into Boggstown, and the road changes names to London Road. This road starts with sweepers, then tightens to some great turns as it winds by Sugar Creek, and then into the town of the same name. We overpass Interstate 74, make our way on more county roads, and arrive on US 52, just west of New Palestene. This road would lead us north and west and headed toward Indianapolis. We turned north onto Franklin Road, and made our way to US 40 or Washington Street, getting close to home.

Waiting for us at my home was a Birthday Celebration. Yes, I planned my own Birthday Party. I wanted our group to arrive at five o'clock. At three minutes past that mark, we rolled up the driveway, parked the bikes, and was ready for other guest to arrive, and to celebrate my 40 years on the planet, 35 of them I have spent riding.


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