Having Lunch in a Friendly Place

Friday, September 26th, 2008

Well in Indiana there is a chain of eateries called Arni's and is advertised as the place where friends meet. Most of the places feature pizza, and are dotted across Indiana in smaller towns. They are known by many, including me, as a comfortable place to eat with good service.

Of course, I was not meeting a friend there, that I knew of, I was taking her with me. So Kasey and I ventured out on this chilly September Morning heading north on SR 39, just west of Danville, Indiana. We veered off on State Road 236 and headed north and west into North Salem, Indiana.

We then headed due north on SR 75. At Thorntown, I turned to the left and headed west on SR 47. This road has some great sweepers that will let you ride hard, and then you hit one that tightens into more than a sweeper. When we first hit SR 47, and left the town of Thornton, I hit a speed burst that Kasey enjoyed.

SR 47 leads us right into Crawfordsville, Indiana, the town playing host to the Arni's we would be eating at. We pulled into town, then meandered around the city streets and arrived at the friendly place to eat.

The food and the service lived up to its reputation. With full bellies, we mounted back on the bike, and headed out of town. We found a windy, scenic road out of town, and into the country.

Out in the sticks, we arrived at a County Road, and headed south towards Shades State Park. The road just north of the park is nice and twisty, and very tree lined. One of my favorite little stretches. As we had done once before, we stopped in on the park, and toured the camp grounds to pick out sites for camping trips next summer.

We made our way back to Danville, along the way, we saw a truck with a trailer in tow, off into the ditch. The trailer was fully down the slope, and the truck looked like it could have been pulled in at any moment. We had to turn around because of the tow truck blocking the road.

We returned to North Salem, and followed SR 236 back to SR 39, and then to US 36. Thanks goodness we had a warm friendly place to eat, because the weather never got that warm.


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