Sheltering Wings Ride

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

I not really been a big fan of rides for charity, I know they are great and raise a lot of money, but I just don't always feel comfortable with some of the other riders, and being packed into a group like that. I figured this first ride for a domestic abuse shelter in Danville would be a smaller ride.

Kasey and I rode down Cartersburg Road once again, with SR 39 closed. Then jumped on US 40, the National Road, and went east until the town of Plainfield. After jogging on a few roads, we ended up at the FOP Post that was the host for the ride.

We started by making our way to SR 267, then headed south into Mooresville, Indiana. Then we went east on SR 42. Been on SR 42 a number of times, and its a straight route through farm country. Once at US 231, we went north, and entered Greencastle, where things got a bit confusing, and we ended up at a Hooters for a little snack. I guess the ride was moving faster than thought, so we needed to slow down.

We continued north on US 231 all the way to Crawfordsville, Indiana. While in town, we made our way to SR 136 to head south and east. At Jamestown, we headed south on SR 75. On US 40, we headed east back into Plainfield and back to the FOP for lunch and prize awards.

After eating and talking a bit, Kasey and I headed out for home. First stop, gas, second stop, Lowe's to cool off and do a little shopping, then our third stop was finally at home.


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