Breaking Back Into Things

Friday, June 5, 2015

Both Kasey and I whittled the morning and early afternoon away trying to get things we needed to get done, well, done. We both had mentioned something about a ride, but it didn't seem like wither one of us were pushing the issue. It is one of things that doesn't happen unless you make it a priority and make it happen. I think at one point, Kasey figured I was going without her, so we had both get our things done.

One of things we did need to check out was the new pads I put on Kasey's Floorboards. She had gone a long time without, and I finally found a couple of options, and got to work on getting new rubber on there, so her heels were not resting on metal.

We started out in Danville, and headed north out of town on State Road 39. Across the bridge, we beared to the left to get on 236 headed for North Salem. This is another one of those stretches I have been on numerous times, so I get the feel of the bike for that day. I have to say the new front tire is scrubbed in and tracking wells, as are the brakes I had replaced earlier. They are just giving me the right amount of grip that I like.

We paraded through North Salem, trying to see what businesses are still open. We continued west on 236 through farm country. 236 ends at SR 231, which we took north. It wasn't a long stretch, as we turned west once again at SR 234. If you have visited or camped at Shades State Park, then you know the road that I am on. We camped a couple nights at Shades several years ago, had lot a furry visitors that also look like bandits.

There are some good curves in the road leading to the exit for the park, but the road really gets good a bit further north, passed the Deer Mills area. There is also a Covered Bridge. The road winds through the forest that is Shades State Park, and there is a Canoe Rental Place, I bet that is a fun trip, also.

At 341, we make our way north, with the first place along the road being Wallace. I think the only thing that was ever in the town is Cafe 341. It was not open for business, and I'm not sure it is still in business? It looked like we were the first visitors to town in quite a while.

My plan was to get on SR 32, and make our way into Crawfordsville. We would fuel up, and be back on our way to make it to the Car Club Cruise In on the square back home in Danville. State Road 32 was closed for construction. Indiana has a law that you can not detour on a lesser road, so to follow the detour meant traveling on nothing less than county roads. Fortunately, just north of here in Hillsboro, 341 meets US 136, where we can make our way to Crawfordsville. When we rolled into the first fuel stop in town, I have over 150 miles on the trip odometer, and the fuel light had been on for about 20 miles.

I topped off the four and half gallon tank with a little over four gallons of fuel. Kasey took a short walk around the bike, and we were ready to head back to town. I was hoping to hang on 136 until it meets SR 39, but this in Indiana, and the shortest distance between two points is always under construction. Lately, the trend is to close the roads to get the work done faster. So we continued on SR 32 into the town of Lebanon.

In town, we connected with SR 39, and made our winding way south, through the only Lizton in the world, and then into Danville. I took the back way into town, and into the parking lot for Diesels Sports Grill, where we had parking space blocked off for some of us to meet.


The 1966 Mustang Convertible was our pick for best of show, by the way.

We had dinner at Diesels, once again great food and great service.

After two tours around the square, we decided to make the short trip home, and enjoy the rest of the evening.


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