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Tuesday, June 6, 2006

I know, I know, it was dangerous to ride to work on the day the world is supposed to end. If the devil is to raise today, he probably won't be looking for people on Hondas, or at least I can hope.

I am sure a lot of people were expecting this to be a day unlike any other, but it just plain wasn't. For me, it started out on the familiar streets to work. Of course, I was looking through a windshield coated with bug kill from the Soup Run.

The weather was descent, a little on the chilly side, but I was riding, so I felt warm inside. The traffic seemed heavier this morning. Most schools are out, so I wonder if people aren't returning to surface streets from the highways. That should last about three or four days until they get upset that they have to stop at a light, or can't go 55 mph plus.

After several miles, I turned north on Delaware Street, and took it to tenth street. As I was traveling up this one way street, I was reminded of an internet article some sent me a link to about a dozen myths of riding. One is that you are safe on streets than highways. The article was pretty well written, as they explained the only safety increase on streets is that you are at a lower speed. Highways, usually divided, and one way, gives a little protection. I think safety is relative, and any where you ride on a bike is going to be a close relative. If I had to give a percentage, you might be 10 percent safer on the highway, but it depends on the highway, the time of day, etc. I don't prefer country roads because I believe they are safer. They probably are not, as I am often gawking around, and a farm implement can come from out of nowhere, and fill the entire road. On a tip to North Carolina, my brother and I encountered not one, but two mobile homes straddling the road way and beyond. We had to bail out on someone's driveway!

Either way, part of my trip to work, and most of my trip home is on a One Way City Street, and I do feel a little safer as I know the traffic should all be going the same direction. I usually have at least one a year that I see someone going the wrong way!

So as I back the bike into my parking space, I have to clear my head of thinking, after all, it is time to go to work!

After a complete day devoid of any thought what so ever, I heated up my brain so I could make the ride home. Not to much to speak of, it is typical of this year, can still be chili in the morning, but the afternoons are usually warm and sunny. Tomorrow, Wednesday holds a threat of rain, so it will probably be Thursday before I write, I mean ride, again.


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