So This is the Scenic Route?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Even though the weather was great, I had a day off the bike to tend to other matters, like some sleep, worked late the night before, the water heater, and the scratch coat on our new fireplace. I may have not mentioned before, or too often as it is not motorcycle related, but we are re-habbing the house we live in. Monday was filled with mixing mortar, and spreading it on the walls of the new fireplace.

Back to the ride, and this would be a good day of riding, but it would also be work related. Usually a couple times a month, I travel to Columbus, Indiana, about 50 miles away, to work for Cummins, Inc. a global engine manufacturing company. They do satellite broadcasts of company communications, and direct the production. It is something that I have done for almost two years. Yes, it is corporate video, and even though it may not be the glitz, glamour, or artistry of a major motion picture, it is very interesting. Another great point is that the cast and crew are very dedicated to doing a clean show. I am very luck to have the opportunity to work with such a great crew. Look at me, I am gushing!

Getting down there is a straight forward, blue collar trip. I am on the interstate. I needed to fuel up before the trip, so I crossed Washington Street, and entered the Thornton's in the K-Mart Parking Lot. Gas prices have been wild since the Al Queda leader was kill, going from 2.55 to 2.95, to back down to 2.65?! I know we are all asking it, but what causes that?

I continued west on Washington Street, didn't want to ride directly into the sun, and took Shadeland Avenue south the I-465. I like this little stretch of Shadeland, divided two lanes like a highway, but very little traffic. The traffic grows when I merge onto 465, Indy's Loop around town.

I am on 465, heading south, then a little west, until I reach the exit for I-65. I will take it south for the bulk of the trip. The three lanes narrow to two around Greenwood. I followed a guy on a BMW for a few miles, until he got off the interstate. He kept going back into the second lane after passing a car, even though there was another to pass. I followed, but it was annoying. There was no one behind us?

I am usually careful around the point where I enter Bartholomew County, as there is usually a Sheriff sitting under a bridge running radar. None today! I exist off of I-65 at US 31 South. Edinburg is the town at this exit to one side, and Taylorsville the other. Although, I am not sure if Taylorsville is a town, or a big trailer park? Edinburg proper is north up 31, but for most people, it is the outlet mall right off the exit.

I am on US 31 south for about 6 miles, when I turn off onto Indianapolis Road, of all roads, and then to the Cummins Television Network Headquarters. No satellite truck in the parking lot today, we will be running a show "Live to Tape" for later broadcast. I park near the garage door at the back of the building.

I have noticed recently that lots of times I get pretty far down in my entry before I write about what I titled the entry. I guess I like to keep you in suspense. Anyway, I had a route programmed into my GPS listed as Cummins to Home Scenic. We were done early, and so I decided to try out this route. Actually, I delayed it a little bit, as the first two roads were gravel.

I find out more and more that scenic is a relative word. When I say scenic route in Indiana, many probably think of flat farmland, which can be very pretty. Compare that to say, riding on the Pacific Coast Highway at sundown. Fact is, there is not much of anything besides farms in between Columbus and Indianapolis, at least in the area I was riding.

The road turned from one county road to another, as I snaked west and north, and across I-65 a couple of times. When I entered Shelby County, just north of Boggstown, the road, more specifically, London Road, gets twisty, as it glides along Sugar Creek. My fun in the curves was temporary disturbed by a guy in a pickup, hauling firewood, driving slow in front on me. The first straight we got to, he pulled aside, and waved me past. I could now take the turns as I wanted to. I rode through Sugar Creek, and once again, got trapped on a hilly, twisty road that I could not pass the Jeep Grand Cherokee in front of me. I really know that I need to share the road with cagers, car drivers, but at least go the speed limit. This guy was routinely at 25mph or less where it was 35, 45, and even 55!! Finally, I got a chance to get around, and blow by is exactly what I did. I can't recall all the roads that I ended up on, but I know there was a Pumpkin Vine Road in there also.

I wound up on SR 52, heading toward Indianapolis. I was able to see Muesing Street, and I turned north. This is a nice little street to get to US 40, or Washington Street. I didn't much feel like holding up at all the lights, so I continued north to 10th Street. That road would take me west to Sadlier Drive, and then to home.


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