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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sunday Morning, and time for the Sunday Rituals to begin. Up around 7am, a brief read of the front section of the paper, and off I go downtown. I took a round about way along Prospect Street, and through Fountain Square. I like this route better, despite the fact I drive by the Coal and Coke Plant. The road has a great charm to it around Fletcher Place and Fountain Square. It is an area that has seen struggle and division in the form on I-65 running through the heart of the community. Finally, after 35 years, they seem to be bouncing back.

At one point along the trip, I see a older black gentleman decked out and looking dapper! I assume he is dressed to the nines to go church. Not sure if he waits for a church bus, or a regular bus, but I have seen him approaching the street, or standing on the sidewalk every morning I have ridden this way. It is funny how you can draw a connection to someone you never have met, or never have talked to. Maybe someday, I will stop, and I will have chat with him. I know if I go by several weeks in a row, and I don't see him, I will miss that. Again, a connection just through the repetition of a route.

It was good to pull up into the parking lot and see lots of bikes. I know a good portion of this group rode yesterday to Bikes in Trikes in Boggstown for an open house. I stepped inside, and ordered and ate my Short Stack. I recanted my adventures of the GOE trip, and let them know where next year's event is to be held, and they shouldn't miss it!!

I took the quick way home via the interstate. I left the bike out, as I decided to ride to the YMCA and go work out. The "Y" is only about a mile away, not much a trip to speak about.


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