A Hot Breakfast Leads to a Hot Day

Sunday, July 16, 2006

With no alarm, I was still able to roll out of bed at 7am, so I could make breakfast. I really don't have to get up this early, but I like to settle into the Sunday Star Newspaper before I had off to breakfast. Nina was supposed to have new outfit to show off, and I waited as long as I kid for her to come down the stairs. So instead, the runway was the bathroom floor.

Nina had left, and the garage door was up, so after dragging the dog outside, I backed the bike out, and went on my way to Shapiro's. I started out heading west on Washington Street until East Street. As I was cruising south on East Street, I could tell from the GPS that I would arrive early, about 8:20am, so I decided to take a detour around the new Lucas Oil Stadium. I still pulled into he parking lot early, but there were four bikes parked in the lot, already.

Just like winter, but with opposite temperatures, the elders complained abut there ills, and how it was just too hot to ride. If I didn't have so much to do at home, I might go out for a little while, but I would have to find some shady road to ride. The group was small, and the conversation went dry early, so we broke up. I actually ended up riding around through town with Wild Bill, Wager, and Reed, as Wild Bill needed to hit a Drug Store on the way home. I was going to get milk anyway, so I rode along. We went up Meridian Street until it turned into Illinois Street, which is one way north. After a couple of jogs, we were heading south to the Circle, the big roundabout that is the center of Indianapolis, and why sometimes it is called the Circle City. We went east on Market Street to East Street, south to Washington, and then east out to Shadeland Avenue. Reed went on straight, and that left the trio. We went north on Shadeland to Sixteenth Street. After our brief visit to the drug store, it was a short trip south on Shadeland to Tenth Street, where I would head a little east, and take my street south to home.

It wasn't getting hot, but you could feel the heat was just pouring on. I would ride to the YMCA nearly around the corner, and try to get money from an ATM, but it was out of service. Tomorrow, I have to head back to Columbus to work at Cummins. I am hoping to ride, no threat of rain, just hot, hot, hot!


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