A Ride To Work, But a Different Ride, to a Different Work

Monday, July 10, 2006

Today is one of those days that I head out to a different place to work, Columbus, Indiana, and Cummins Engines. I probably have ridden there once or twice this year. Today was a little different. After having some difficulties with satellite providers, shows have been moved and postponed. Case in point, the show that was scheduled for today had been moved. Either way, I had the day cleared for it, so I was going to head down, and check out a piece of gear that they had recently installed. It is another video switcher, a Ross, and I had not any experience running one, and I was going to have to for the next broadcast.

I usually like to get down to Columbus as fast as I can, don't want to run late. So I take Washington Street west to the Shadeland Avenue Exit south. This leads right into 465, which I take south, then a little west to I-65. This interstate takes me about 45 miles south to the first of two Columbus Exits. The exit is actually shared with Edinburg, better known for its outlet mall.

I take the second exit to go south on US 31 until I reach an exit for Indianapolis Road. It is just short ride to the Cummins Television Network Headquarters. As I pass the parking lot, I see a few other bikes sitting in the lot. I pull around back, and park my steed.

After playing on the new toy, and actually getting it to do some of the things I wanted it to do, I went out for lunch with my client, he paid!

I worked through the switcher a little more, and then headed out for home. I started taking US 31 North, but at Franklin, I took a little diversion, to avoid heavy traffic, and went along a scenic route. It was mostly soybean and corn fields, but the road had some great bends far apart. The sun was really beating down, and the heat was draining me faster than the miles were going by. Before I was totally burnt, I made it home.


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