A Quick Treat, A Ride, Dinner, and a Movie

Saturday, July 8, 2006

Most of today was spent working around the house. But the time finally came to quit, get cleaned up, and get something for the evening meal.

Neither Nina or I were very motivated, so I figured I needed to come up with a place that would get both of us up and going. I would go anywhere, as long as I could ride, so I, as usual, am the easy one. Convincing Nina to go out would be more of a challenge, but I did have an ace up my sleeve.

After a slow drawn talk, I suggested that we not only go to The Legend in Irvington, but we also take the bike, with the seatback newly mounted to the trunk, so she could check it out. I have spent a lot of time and money trying to get her comfortable on the back of this bike, and I am about at the end of that journey. She had a test seating earlier in the day, and I need to find a roll for her lower back.

So I rolled out the bike, drew out the intercom cables, and we saddled up for short ride to the restaurant. We have frequented this place enough that the wait staff, and the owners recognize us. I am not sure that we have ever exchanged names, but they know we come in on a regular basis, and have brought many friends with us, who have brought other friends. In fact, the last time Nina and I came here, we ended up eating with a friend of mine and his sister. Even though the seating area is tiny, we often run into people we know also eating here.

While waiting for a our delicious meals to arrive, we decided to drop by the video store, and get a movie. We took some of the Irvington Back Roads, mostly Pleasant Run Parkway, the road pretty much describes the drive, and I use this route to get from southwest Indy to the eastside lots of times. We arrived at the video store, and after several runs across the wall of new releases, we decided on Firewall, another thriller with Harrison Ford.

From the video store to home was a short trip, less than mile. We continued east on tenth street until our neighborhood road.


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