Some Trips to Work

Wednesday, July 19 & Friday, July 21, 2006

Just thought since these are the more mundane trips, I would combine some together. I don't have anything to rant about from any trip, so it would just be me re-hashing the route that I take.

I didn't ride Thursday because there was a chance of showers, and for once it actually did rain, when I didn't ride.

Friday morning, I did have a guy in a Ford Ranger ogling my bike, and at a stop, he mentioned that he had just bought a Suzuki. The rear tire caught his eye. I wish I had a card to give me, but I couldn't reach for it in time.

I will wrap up Friday when I get home tonight, but I might have been pushing the weather, but the bike needs to be cleaned anyway!

Lots of riding coming up this weekend!!
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