To a Board Meeting

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Here is one of my routine rides, and I am sure that I have posted about here many times before. Yeah I know, if I were more tech saavy, wanted to work harder, or cared more, I would just put links to the ther posts. Hey, this one has a map!

Anyway, I headed west into downtown Indianapolis on Washington Street. At Delaware, I turned north. After a little over a mile, I arrived at the Indianapolis Public Schools Headquarters for tonight's meeting.

With the business to be voted on next week fully discussed, we packed up the production truck, and the crew headed its separate ways. I hopped on The Pearl, and off I went, north on the back alley, then short trip east on St Clair back to Delaware. I took that north about a half a mile, and to the ramp for the interstate. This is one of the few times you will see me on the super slab.

I quickly got up to speed on the ramp, crossed the two lanes I needed to stay on I-70, and then continued east until the beltway for Indy, 465.

I took 465 south until the next exit, Washington Street, then headed back west to home.


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