Friday' are Easier When I Get to Ride!

May 5, 2006

As I have mentioned earlier, I envy everyone else in the world who looks forward to Friday's. I don't. Now, I love the weekend more than anyone else, but Friday's are far worse than any Monday I have ever had. Friday is the day I do the most work, and it is also gritty technical work, no creativity here!

Anyway, back to the riding. Not too eventful, just another earlier morning trip to work. This week, there was no accident along Washington Street, that is a plus. I was bewildered once again by a fellow employee who thinks that a Pontiac Grand Am Four Door is a Sub Compact? The station has a few spaces near the satellite dishes that are marked for sub-compact cars, because the spaces are not very deep. Routinely, four door cars of all shapes and sizes are parked in these spaces, not because they fit, but because the drivers need to park closer to the door? The end space is particularly bad for large cars, as it makes turning the corner very difficult. I usually like to park the bike there, at an angle, so the corner is easier to make. Many have told me they are happier when I can do that.

The ride home would not be too eventful either. I had to go to the Drug Store to pick up a prescription, the pharmacist recognized me? Why is it that it only takes once or twice for people in stores, and then they feel like they know me? About a month earlier, I was nearly accosted in the Ace Hardware by a cashier for not returning frequently enough? At Menard's, I often get asked by other customers questions about their projects? One, I must appear friendly, and two, I must search hardware stores like I know what I am doing.

When I got home, I had to wait for Nina, as she was picking up flowers for Crop Walk. We ordered to go from Applebee's, it was very tasty, but I did have to drive to pick it up!


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