Sunday Morning Breakfast - The Aches, The Pains.

May 7, 2006

First a note about Saturday: It was a beautiful day, and I spent it cleaning out the garage. I got along the north wall, and most of the work bench. Another 4 or 5 days and I should be able to get it all cleaned out! I mentioned this because I did have to ride the bike back into the dirt part of the garage when I was finished.

Sunday morning came, and it was starting as a gray day. It was supposed to clear up, and be a repeat of Saturday, with some warmer temps. I figured there would be even more riders this morning. I decided to take the GPS Route once again, and see if I could follow it. It takes me along Washington Street, south on Sherman, and then west again on prospect. Even though this route takes me through the inner city, it is a nice change of pace, and I see several nicely dressed people making there way to church. Many are either walking, or waiting for a bus to pick them up. I feel like waving, but something inside keeps me from doing it, maybe next week.

Another part of this trip that is nice, is driving past Fountain Square. This area used to be the southside's Downtown. From the 1900's until the area was split by I-65, it was a thriving are to live and play. A nice gentleman, Linton, I think is his name, has restored the Fountain Square Building, complete with theater, diner, cafe, and duck pin bowling. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, they open the rooftop for a cafe. Nina and I went there for Fourth of July last year, watched the fireworks, and had a great meal!! This morning, a man was changing the theater marquee. From what was left, I could see that some school must have had their Prom there last night. For more info on this great place in Indy, click here. If you eat at Shelbi Street, tell Julie that Rodney sent you!

Prospect actually joins Meridian south of Shapiro's, so that was difference. I wanted to check to see if Cafe at Ray was still opened, we hadn't been there in a while, I need to remember it for lunch on Friday!

I pulled into the lot and parked by the only motorcycle that I saw, a white triked Goldwing that belongs to Ron. I took off the riding gear, and headed into the restaurant. By now, the girl that runs the cash register knows I always get two things, Orange Juice, and Egg Beaters. The rest I like to switch up. I haven't had the short stack in a while, too much dough, and it was gathering around my waistline.

We started out talking about rides, but as more showed up, the discussion of aches, pains, and other medical conditions slowly consumed the conversation. Routinely, I am, by a large margin, the youngest one at the table, and apparently in the best shape. I hate to say it, but this exercise in listening to recently retired people talking about the docket of surgeries and medical test they have coming really inspires me to go to the YMCA and work out! I need to have breakfast with them every morning, and I would be in great shape!! If I ever get the chance to retire, or at least work only part time, I want to be in good enough shape to enjoy it!

During the time, only one or two others showed up on bikes. The lot was as empty of motorcycles as it was on days in January!

I rode home the slower, more scenic route. We broke up around 10, which is about 45 minutes earlier than normal. Wild Bill and Wager were not there, and apparently that is where we loose the time.

Along my way on Washington Street, I saw a young woman in a blue Dodge Neon, that obviously had a problem. Three of her four wheels were going in the same direction, but one these wheels doesn't belong with the other, sing with me now... Her front passenger side wheel looked to be about 75 degrees out from the other three. If she was going anywhere, it was going to be a bumpy slow ride. I was thinking about stopping, and aiding this damsel in distress, but I saw an IPD Officer at East Street, looking to turn in her direction. As I cruised past her, I kept an eye on my mirror for the cop to see if he was gong to give her some help. He pulled in behind her. I was relieved, as I was about to turn around, and at least offer the services of my cell phone. She had to have a broken steering arm or tie rod or something.

The rest of trip along Washington Street was as normal as ever. The weather looks to hold for Monday, so I will write at you then!!


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