A Little Cooler in the Morn, Warmer in the Afternoon

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

This will be another trip to work. While the news said it was warmer this morning, by thermometer at home begged to disagree. When I pulled out this morning it was 41 degrees. The weather man promises we will be in the 70's this afternoon. I will have short 5 or 6 block ride to my second job.

Nina was not feeling well, it may have been the huge bowl of pasta she had the night before at Applebee's, she didn't want to finish it, but she was able to down the last few bites.

I fired up the beast, and headed out on my usual way. Nothing was too different, although it seems like I am seeing more and more pedestrians out and about, and have to wait at light for them to pass more and more. I guess it is sign of summer. Speaking of that, I will have to start detouring more around the circle, the center of Indianapolis. When the sun comes out, the temps go up, the steps of the monument are covered with people eating lunch. Just down one spoke is the City Market, which I think has already started their outdoor market on Wednesdays, I think. It can be quite a site to see people all over this monument.

Well, I ended up getting more miles in today than I thought I would. Close to Noon, Nina called to say she was not feeling well, as I had mentioned. However, it was now bad enough that she needed me to come to her aid, and to my best to nurse back to strength. So after shooting an e-mail to the people who might notice I was gone, I mounted up, and head home on I-70. I was amazed that the traffic was as heavy as it was for lunch time, and on a Tuesday. I thought I was back in Houston, but since I know where I am going, it was not as tense.

I made run for Ginger Ale and Imodium for Nina to try and quiet her stomach pains. After some brief work on the computer, I made way to the second job of the day. Since the IPS Headquarters is on my way to WFYI, I just took my regular route. There is a different traffic pattern at this time of day, probably a lot of the people I rode into town with this morning, are now headed in the opposite direction. It was certainly a lot hotter now than in the morning. Without incident, I arrived, and began setting for the night's production.

Last week's meeting was a long one, one of the longest, at about two hours. This week, since all the discussion took place last week, went by fairly quickly, and the business for the state's largest school district was done for another month.

It was a nice cool evening to ride home, and since the rush hour had passed, I used the Interstate to get home.


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