Its Friday!!

April 28, 2006

For most people, Friday is a great day. When you will be able to ride to work, it is supposed to be an even better day! Not for me. Friday's are the busiest, and hardest working days that I have. While other people are winding down for the weekend, I am working my ass off just to keep up.

Friday was a little cooler than Thursday, but still an enjoyable trip into work. Part of it that is nice is that I go into work a half an hour early, so I avoid a lot of traffic. Traffic did jam up at Rural and Washington Street for a three car accident. There was an accident here at the same intersection yesterday morning. I am not sure if the sun is blinding drivers coming from the west, or what is happening, but I rarely see an accident on my way to work, and I don't think I have ever seen one here, let alone two! Today's accident involved three cars, and damage to a corner building that houses a mission.

For the ride home, I took my usual route, including a stint on Pleasant Run Parkway. This also meant that I would be going past Holy Spirit Catholic Church, and a kickball game. See, I told you it wouldn't be long. I got to see one pitch, and some people looking at me cruising by slowly. I guess I should have just stopped and watched an inning! Nina was volunteering at the church for Interfaith Hospitality Network, so I was n my own for dinner.

Tomorrow, I will be heading up to the PUD (Parental Unit Dwelling) to meet my Dad, Bryan and Bob to go on a poker run. Talk at you then!


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