Where Are All the Big Logs?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I rode the usually route to work, it was getting warmer, but a cool front was about to pass through. I had the bike loaded with extra gear, video camera and tripod, as I planned to venture out to Bridgeton to shoot some footage of larger logs being cut down for the bridge. First off, after an uneventful trip work, was editing some underwriting spots for the Public TV Station.

Around One, I mounted my steed, and headed west. I meandered around until I got down to Washington Street, and then headed out US 36, also named Rockville Road. It is one of those roads that is named for where it goes, and Rockville is the largest town in Parke County, the Covered Bridge Captial of the World.

Besides heavy traffic for no reason just outside of 465, the ride was very nice. Just before Rockville, US 36 gets some twists and turns, and they felt great with the new rubber on the bike.

When I arrived in Bridgeton, not much was going on. I definitely didn't see any 70 foot, 50 inch diameter trees being sawed up. It was cloudy, but the sun would peak out often. In fact, I saw a lot of bicyclist out on the country roads, and I do mean all over the county roads, their side, my side, off to the side, everywhere on the road.

I pulled up next to the old mill, and stepped inside. Mike seemed happy to see me. He offered to take me over to the saw mills in his 1955 pickup, painted to advertise the mill. I know I am writing about a trip in a truck not on a motorcycle, but bare with me. He gave me a tour of the makeshift lumber yard, and what pieces were going to be used for what. It was noticeable that the major pieces, the Arches had yet to be cut. In fact, that is what the larger wood is for. The wood was promised to be delivered each day this week, but still had not shown up. I will have to keep an eye on Mike's Blog for info.

I took an interesting route back, passing the Big Rocky Fork Covered Bridge, where I took the time to set up the camera to record some footage from the bike. I haven't even looked at yet, but in the future, I will look to see how to post videos. I took US 40 home most of the way, and pulled into the driveway at about 6pm. Nina, still recovering, had already eaten, so I was on my own.


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